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The home and voice of Business Psychology. The ABP's mission is to be widely recognised as promoting professional excellence and a community of practice in business psychology, advocating and developing the informed application of its research, bodies of knowledge and methodologies by all those involved in improving business performance and the quality of working lives.

Addiction Professionals

Addiction Professionals is a voluntary registration body and network for the addictions sector. They have a growing and diverse membership of practitioners working in the addictions sector, including behavioural addictions. Members come from a wide range of professional backgrounds including GPs, psychiatrists, counsellors, keyworkers, pharmacists, psychologists, social workers, nurses and mentors.

Press & Online Articles


A Regular web article about Sex Addiction written by Andy Cole: Read Article


Personality and addictive patterns can affect many things:  Read Article


A client once told me “the trouble with normal is it always gets worse”: Read Article

HELP 4 ADDICTION - Changing habits

Do you have any habits? Things that you do without thinking about them? Everyone does: Read Article

Training & Development

Andy Cole - Business Psychology
Communication Training within the NHS

In 2018 We had the opportunity to deliver ‘Challenges’ Communication Training to Specialist Palliative Care Teams in North Wales.
Read more about the Case Study - CLICK HERE

The Spicer Method

The Spicer Method (c) is an evidence led programme of physical fitness and positive psychology, based upon a storyboard of lessons from a boxing champion’s career.

After hanging up her gloves, Valerian Spicer began her training career, helping others to get in shape through boxing fitness. She developed an experiential approach that used the learning from her career to structure a fitness programme that promoted goal achievement both inside and outside the ring.

By working with psychologist Andy Cole, Valerian established a way of measuring the positive psychological gains her clients could obtain. The Spicer Method (c) now integrates the PERMA model (a process for improving optimism, purpose and goal attainment), using an evidence led approach to assess, measure, promote and maintain positive mental health.

The Hanover Centre

The Hanover Centre are a Consulting Partnership ready to help. Their Multidisciplinary psychology expertise creates distinct clinical, organisational and educational practices.

They centre their experience on helping individuals, couples, groups, teams, leaders and organisations.

The centre encourages you to work from the centre of the problem that you want to solve.

They bring their professional curiosity, unique perspective and experienced insight to help you do so.

The team consists of Dr Roberta Babb, Andy Cole, Silva Neves, Dr Poul Rohleder, Gillian Babb, Cecily Criminale, Vicky Goldin & Dr Fabienne Palmer. 

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