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Business Psychology

Business Psychology is the study and practice of improving working life. Practitioners of Business Psychology can be trusted to offer an unbiased, scientifically credible perspective on a wide range of work-related issues.  Whilst business psychology can be applied to almost any people issue at work, the areas of interest we typically provide are:


Leadership development

Learning and development

Employee engagement

Health and well-being at work

Psychometric testing

Andy is qualified in a wide range occupational and psychometric tests including: Hogan, Lumina Spark, Saville Wave, MBTI, 5 Factor Assessments. Andy has also been involved in making training and information films for over 10 years. Coleface Ltd regularly partners with associated businesses to provide support to large projects and uses a network of educators, coaches and leading psychologists.  

Communication Training within the NHS

In 2018 We had the opportunity to deliver ‘Challenges’ Communication Training to Specialist Palliative Care Teams in North Wales. You can download the document by clicking on the file Icon:

Coleface Case Study 230418.docx